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About Mike

Mike somehow sees the game of golf and the golf swing differently than the rest of the world. Luckily he decided to write “ The Evolved Fundamentals Of Golf” and provide this website so other people can get a glimpse into his mind. He has a very unique and interesting approach to the game of golf. Mike’s background and research are also very unique.
Mike started playing the game of golf when he was 12 years old. His dad would drop him off at the golf course on his way to work at 7:30am every weekday morning. Mike would practice until his dad showed back up around 6:oopm, at which time they would go out and play. This first year of golf, he was shooting 100 and above when the winning scores in the tournaments in which he was playing in were in high 70’s and low 80’s. As I have learned from being around Mike, he is incredibly persistent and will not quit. Mike’s dad took him down to a local restaurant where one of Seve Ballesteros’ friends worked. His dad asked how Seve improved so rapidly. The friend said, “Seve hit a 1000 golf balls a day”. Mike took this information to heart and applied it in an amazing way. He went to the range and for a solid week dumped out golf balls and counted them back into the baskets backward until he knew exactly what 1000 golf balls looked like. From that point on, he hit at least 1000 balls a day. The most golf balls he hit in a single day was 1800. The stories of bleeding hands after a day practice were accurate. With this type of practice, it took 1 year to break 80, and 2 years to break 70. Mike won the Ohio Junior when he was 15.
Along with playing golf, Mike wrestled for 7 years. He credits this time in wrestling for enabling him to develop a unique sense of leverage and “body awareness”- a concept which he very effectively translated to golf. Mike has studied the swing for 30+ years, has practiced relentlessly, and has had several doctors help him with research. Mike does not have a background in anatomy and would never have been able to spend the years of schooling to become a doctor. Fortunately, he did not have to and he is grateful to those who assisted him. With the combination of 3 doctors helping with research-all from different fields of practice- Mike was able to compile the information he needed.
Here are some of Mike’s achievements:
  • Central Catholic High School
  • 4 year letterman at University of Tennessee
    • Awards at Tennessee include:
      • Most improved
      • Most valuable player
  • 8 course records
  • Low tournament round is 62
  • 1st Ohio Junior
  • 1987 US Junior sweet 16
  • State team championship at Central Catholic high school 1988
  • 2nd individual at state high school tournament 1988
  • Scholarship to the University of Tennessee
  • 1990 SEC Team champions
  • Played in 1991, 1993 US Amateurs
  • 1992 Monroe Invitational Champion
  • T47 1994 US Open
  • Played on the Ben Hogan 1994, Nike 1997, 2000
  • 1st 2011 Ohio Open
Doctors that taught Mike anatomy and how the body works:
      Dr. Phillip Immesoete -
      Dr. Daniel Moretta -
Orthopedic surgeon
      Dr. Phillip Tassi -
Golf swing philosophy:
  1. The club should be pulled, not pushed
  2. The club should be squared early to avoid rapid closing through impact
  3. The player should use anatomical extremes to create consistency
  4. The glutes are the ultimate foundation for the golf swing, since they are your strongest muscles and they are designed to provide power,stability, and balance.
  5. Player needs to control mobile joints through rotations, bends, and positioning
  6. The player should use their body the way it is designed to move.
Thank you,
Joyce Emery